Interested in joining the lab? Here's the scoop

Grad Students

The Psychology Department at Villanova offers a research-based M.S. in Psychology. Our graduate program is particularly well-suited for students who would like to obtain additional research experience or move into a new research area before starting their Ph.D. If you are a prospective student applying to the M.S. program, please contact Joe to find out more about working in the WRAP Lab.

Current Villanova graduate student? Students in the lab are involved in a variety of research projects, and anyone is welcome to attend our weekly lab meetings. Please contact Joe to find out more about joining the lab. Information for prospective thesis students is available on the Department's Sharepoint site.


We're always looking for good Psychology and Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience majors who want to learn more about perception and language comprehension.

Our undergraduate research assistants are an integral part of our team. They are involved in all aspects of our research, helping to run participants, create stimuli for experiments, and analyze data. If you are thinking about applying to grad school in Psychology, working in a lab as an undergraduate can provide you with valuable experience and research skills. Contact Joe to find out more.